Saturday, July 17, 2010

~the wheels of dawn~ (edited version)

Saturday, July 17, 2010
Shaded by trees, calling out to the wind..
 laying.. facing down crying..
i saw a version of myself i didn't even recognize..
on this guitar.. i'm playing the melody of someone who's lost..
a star falls.. showing certain darkness in the corner of the heart..

the heart of a child.. clinging to a gentle hand..
the blazing wheels cast off and continue on..
on this guitar i'm playing the grief of someone who's lost..
the strings in my heart being plucked violently..

in the pure white heart unstained by sorrow..
the sakura petals stirred in a summer shadow..
even if my emotions is gone..
i'll cross over the far off, red-stained sand..
bringing a rhythm of farewell...

searching through my memories...
there is something sprouting in remembrance..

sending off the dawn's carriage..
those sakura petals are stirring somewhere even now..
the peaceful daybreak i once saw..
until it is placed in my hands once more..
please don't let the light go out..
the wheels are turning..


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