Wednesday, February 10, 2010

...after 2 long months

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
its been 2 mths..
nothing change..
everything i submit to u Lord..
hope she can open her eyes..
cny coming, back this coming sat.
guess, i cant run away from MLM stuff.. every now and then, sure i will come across this thing. maybe it's a chance that have been existing there, only waiting me to grab hold of the so call chance. who know i might reli succeeded this time ~_~ as usual, mindset, effort, strong will and unweaver mind, would be the key to success. Communication n marketing skills, will pick up along the way as i grow.

Amway, the oldest MLM company that i have known since childhood. I'm not really attracted by it, but what catch my eye is, i found tat the group have quite stable base and just starting to grow. Quite powerful objective and goal, supported by strong reasons and actions. Also, knowledge sharing is available. It gives a much different feelings than DXN or U-Net. So, i think it might be a nice place for me.

If i leave this world early, everything shouldn't be so complicated. i'm a lazy person. =D

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