Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Tuesday, March 24, 2009
...regreting bout' d pass is reli like a poison..

i do wish... i nvr met her..

i do wish... i nvr accept her back last yr..

i do wish... .....


screwed up 1 midterm n 1 presentation~ oh well. not tat i care bout' it so much... but i reli still dun wan lose those marks juz like that =.= start of week 11. 4 weeks left till finals...
i need start looking for a job now... but.. where to find? n.. how d heck do i write a resume =.=?
loose focus today.. duno wad happen to me.. juz feeling down without any reason. haiz~
i got a lot of catching up to do.. need more luck? i come across this saying of
"good luck = opportunity+preparation". reli cant depend so much on this 'pure-luck'. hmm...
last but not least... S-L-E-E-P. it's late. lol
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