Wednesday, July 14, 2010

~rants from past few days~

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
...handphone cant setup email function... kinda sux....cant activate mobile blogging.. the end.. i squeeze everything inside the notes.. oh well..

Some pic from yesterday...

pearl milk tea at i dont know where..

Sushi zanmai at 1U.. 1U also..

seafood at TTDI..

Fish head mee hoon at Damansara Uptown..

~everything from past few days~
..was thinking about finishing ACCA in 1 year.. really curious about it.. wad happen if i finally cross the bridge.. ..something big waiting for me? or izit a better treatment..?
..walk her back home.. don't know why.. feel kinda awkward when alone with her.. can feel something weird bout her.. don't know if is because of that certain event.. not dare to ask.. dun wan to initiate any move that might cause misunderstanding.. probably just shy.. or tired..

...or maybe i just think too much..


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