Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Thursday, July 8, 2010
i came across quite a lot of people saying accounting is boring compare to auditing.. cause most of the time entering data...
as far as i know.. entering data is a must.. but mostly for lower level position right? It's one of the main reason that i choose to hop job.. hoping to gain more experience in other area of accounting.. and some management skills too.. the current experience won't help much in future..
i received the email from shell.. just after 2 working days.. 

" we do not have any suitable opportunities at this time that match your training and qualifications." 

 ...anyways.. i review my own resume.. my current experience really kinda sux..  even though i have advantages over those newbies.. but i wont go anywhere with just this..
releasing myself from the rat race is my priority~

p/s: food photo coming up later~ hp is currently replenishing its energy..

added:  -
nothing special~ lol
Location : Damansara Uptown
Shop name : Fusion? i forgot =X


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