Tuesday, July 6, 2010

~ouch >< ~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
hurt my left palm n wrist..
hope to recover within one week ..
self accident when riding motor.. damn suay sia~

Oh ya. grats to ning. found this blog. I never let my anyone who know me know about my blog.
Why is it?
-I'm not the type that boast around. And keep my secrets totally to myself only. I don't really trust anyone..

Why not edit the settings to so only blog author can read?
-Easy. Nuffnang. xD  Besides, not everyone know about riyyl. It's just a nick in the gaming world.

That means those gaming friends should know about you..?
-Yeap. They know me in games. But not real life. (except for certain ppl )

What if someone you know accidentally come across this blog?
-You just say accidentally. Gratz to them if they found this. But, PLEASE keep it a secret. lol.
No news from Shell.. applied it last friday.. heard my friend saying that if you received an email from shell within a week.. you are rejected.. second day already.. i really hope i wont see an email from them with the word "rejected" haha~  bless me God~ 
no new picture on food lately... having kinda same stuff everyday... ~.~


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