Thursday, June 11, 2009

past post~

Thursday, June 11, 2009
May, 27
sup exam coming up. this sat, 2pm if not mistaken.. MADM... the hell.. if only i din calculate wrong, maybe i will pass,or get at least a 'D'. =X but dun think is enuf, mayb cant get exemption for ACCA. sien~ duno whyim not feeling anxious or worried that i 'might' not pass =X *touch wood* should be impossible to fail. actually, quite confident tat i will pass haha. but still, need to study. need to increase probability of passing that paper XD
moving on 31st~ whee~ hope to have nice housemates..


remembering about the days in langkawi... have a lot of fun. the sea water not as beautiful as redang. it's a bit polluted.went to pantai pasir hitam, the sand is really black. the formation of this black sand is not as said in the text book aboutthe island's legend. this sand resulted from the erosion of granite, and the sea current brought the sand to this area. we din visit the 'burnt fields' , 'mashuri's grave' and 'the seven wells' . limited time.
its the 1st time that i drank a lot of red wine. dizzy, but not drunk. actually, i dun even noe wad it meant by getting drunk.4 cups of red wine, i lay straight on bed. =X
the fun thing is, the bird park. visitors acctually get the chance to hold a parrots and eagles. EAGLES. whoa~ eagles are big, n heavy. i din get the chance to hav them on my arms. they din want to... argh. but the parrots, quite playful.the moment i put my arms near them, they juz climb up. positioning themselves in order to balance. quite nice ^^i juz love birds~ but looking at them being put inside a cage... kinda hurt. taking away freedom from them. poor birds~
oh ya. cable car, only cost rm15 per person. dun be cheated by those sellers at the counter at langkawi entrance!!

forgot to take the pics from adai =.='


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