Saturday, May 23, 2009

no access to internet =.=

Saturday, May 23, 2009
cut off.. last online on 14/5 =.=
failed 1 sub. as expected. but unexpectedly, even 1 of the best student oso get a 'D' =.=" anyway, need to pass this paper, dun wanna stay here for another sem.
redang/kedah/penang/langkawi trip.. too much to say. will post it when have access to internet, now online at fren's house =.=
too much to think, too much to do... but doesnt noe wad.. argh.. feel like im wasting my time only.. (im really wasting my time now)
my schedule for the near future:
1) 30/5 supp paper
2) 31/5 muz move house
3) back hometown either on 1 or 2 of June.
4) back PJ as early as possible. 6 or 7 i think. coz need register for acca at utar =.=
5) find job. at least need start working by mid of june or early of july.

signing off.. tata~


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