Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting

Saturday, May 9, 2009
i've reach the end.. finished another part of chapter in my life... hopefully i wont come back for supplementary paper at the end of this month. The paper yesterday, was a hell harder than the previous semester. but still, i feel i hav a chance to pass it.. nah. forget about it. juz pray that the 1st 2 papers i scored well, and pass for the other 3 papers. ~.~
decided to continue studying part time ACCA n working. havnt found a job though, but already hav 1 company in mind. feel kinda sick of doin audit/account since its not reli so "enjoyable". juz hope i can get into finance area.. i havnt forgotten of wanting to be financially free. It all starts now..
finally got the palm chair after 2 wks playing n 'tanking' for exam lol. giv it to ning. still can get another 1 though, but duno when. haha. enjoy bombing n escaping other player's tactics. kinda exciting. today might b the last day i'm able to online from this location. not sure when i'll be able to get back again, i juz cant live without internet. =x source of information, fast, accurate or not im not sure. at least better than the local papers. XD
Redang, here i come? haha. 9May2009, 6pm, gather at MZ restaurant. sure there will b someone late again. n for sure i noe who it is. hahaha. =X Pray that we have a safe n memorable trip. ^^ back from redang, gonna go north. kedah/perlis/penang/thai? not so sure lols. for sure im going holiday for a week.
i need a room for June. need move over by the end of this month. hopefully can get a room around rm250 n below. many stuffs to do after returning from trips.. will think about it during the trip. my brain gonna burst after packed with all those exams.
i reli hope i wont be separated from the net that i love so much. XD
4.22am. signing off lols. but gonna wait til cabal updating finish. =X tata~


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