Thursday, June 11, 2009


Thursday, June 11, 2009
forget me...
i believe tats the best choice
i've consider all other options
for a year i've been holding myself,
hoping such thing wont happen.. but...

it's nice being wif u
but what future will bring
i dare not say..
the only thing i see
it wont bring happiness to both sides
the future is dark
not that i dun wan to believe it may change
i juz noe.. it wont happen..

juz forget me..
the pain now mayb suffering
it may leave a scar
not only in u..
if we continued on..
the pain future will bring
will be more painful than now..
the pain will subside
only time can tell..
hoped u understand..

i've should hav end this a year ago
but im too soft
forget me..
u will find a better one
thank you for everything

im sorry


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