Saturday, June 13, 2009

why, u say? reason 1

Saturday, June 13, 2009
i was thinking bout how i could solve this on the way to airport tat day..

later on the way from LCCT to KL, it seems like God given me an answer. i met a lady in her 50's.. the journey wasnt bored becoz of her stories.
she had 6 children. during her younger days, she was a teacher, then turn into running a family business. all her children were studying overseas. the lady n her husband need to provide a sum of around rm40k-rm50k a month. A MONTH. dun even know if we can earn tat amount in a year.
she says, as if God has blessed her, that all her children were doing well. "Thanks to God". all working overseas, each month sending small sum of money back. (USD, GBP etc etc. currency not small u noe) actually, its more than enuf for her to go travelling. right now, she's all around the places, travelling.
"you are still young.." she says. "it's still too early to be in a relationship. fulfill wad u need to do now as a child.."

i've a dream before..
in the dream,
someone asked me
"when you grow up, would you leave your parents?"
i remember wad i answer..


it feels like an obligation to me as a child, keeping parents happy throughout their lives. they've given us much. it's obvious that we should repay them.


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