Sunday, September 6, 2015

Change of plan

Sunday, September 6, 2015
Alright. I need to revamp my whole plan. After some calculation and budget setting, the original plan will take more than a month and cost around NZD3k. Looks like i need to let go some of the places... argh.
For sure i will go to Milford Sound, which means i will need to go to Queenstown. Hmm....first will reach there by plane.. then bus to wanaka, and then Lake Tekapo? Then to Christchurch, travel to Greymouth by kiwirail then back to Christchurch.. then through kiwirail again to Picton, ferry to Wellington, and lastly kiwirail to either Auckland or Hamilton... travel by train all the way~
Might as well leave some regrets here so i'll come back again to nz in the future. Haha.
Submitted for my working holiday visa extension. Now waiting for response and get my passport back before going for my solo travel...
Somehow, i'm looking forward to go back home... i already have my future plan set... i must get the cert within 2yrs... job wise, i will try to get into investment line. Will still accept accounting job, but only in large companies with potential job advancement.

Dayoff. Relaxing by the riverside in Opotiki


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