Saturday, November 27, 2010

week for children's rights

Saturday, November 27, 2010
...changing facebook's pic to this.. celebrate the week for children's right..
..i missed both of them a lot..

..i don't know if fighting for children's right is right or not.. for example boycotting products from a company because of either direct or indirect in regarding to child labors.. if you think again.. such act normally comes from countries with strong sense of 'humanity'. using child as labor for manufacturing is indeed wrong.

..but, have you ever put yourself in the child's place? i give you a situation. let's say a child living together with his grandma. parents gone, either dead or missing. grandma is in a very sick situation, unable to move. need money. so what to do? steal money? that's wrong, isn't it? so a plant is established, need man power to manufacture, so child goes to work,  in return, getting salary, able to help grandma and live with clothes, food and shelter. anything wrong? think again. fighting for one's right is not a one way ticket. a lot of stuffs need to be considered. 

p/s: i'm not lecturing. just sharing my thoughts.


Jan said...

When that happens to a child, the world has a duty to ensure s/he is not left to do that. There is no excuse that justifies any child being exploited on low wages/ in slavery so we can wear fashion clothes, eat chocolate or whatever. Our main duty in every regard is to our children - not just some - ALL of them. Child labour is a growing scourge, it wrecks lives, ruins economies. Kids should be playing not working for someone's profit.

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