Tuesday, November 16, 2010

...my journey

Tuesday, November 16, 2010
.....i come from the land of the rising sun..the moment i gain my consciousness.. i found myself together with my kind.. however.. it seems like i'm the only special one that have a conscious of my own.. 

..sitting on the shelf for as long as i can remember.. until one day.. she came. she look around.. carefully selecting my kind.. and until she saw me.. i thought.. like every other days.. people would just ignore me... but to my surprise.. i was taken down from the shelf...

i was bought.

..wrapped in plastic.. i couldn't see the outside world.. i know i was going on a long journey.. to an unknown destination.. few days later.. i was unwrapped. i found myself far, far away from my homeland.. 


she took me out.. took a few pictures.. and post it to the internet... i was wrapped back again... i have a hunch.. that i'll be going on a long journey again.. for a month or so.. i was stuck inside this wrappings... later.. i was sent off.. this time... alone.


weeks later.. i was unwrapped.. i'm in Malaysia.
finally some air..
huh..? ..a guy? ...my new owner..? ...like the last owner.. he took a few pictures of me.. and post it to the net.. 
however.. this time i know... just a temporary owner.. ..i remained with him for a few months... spending my days inside a box.. seems like he don't want me to get dusty.. 

..finally, the awaited day arrived. 

.It was a cold evening.. he took me out... saying goodbye.. and..
..saying hi to my new owner.

"Happy Birthday"

-extracted from rilakkuma's diary- 


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