Thursday, September 30, 2010

what if...?

Thursday, September 30, 2010
  1. She din read it and forgot about it.
  2. She read it but forgot about it.
  3. She read it, and see no signature, so choose not to care, and forget the next day.
  4. She read it, and remember the next day, but choose not to care. (w.c.s. - worst case senario)
  5. She read it, remember it, but choose to postpone cause too busy 
...sometimes.. during stress and pressurize situation (mostly due to too much thinking), i tend to think of the most possible situation that's going to happen... these thoughts then branches out to more possible situations.. and this continues on till i found the most possible solution for those situations.. it goes on and on and on.. more and more squeeze into my mind.. feel like in some sort of tactical mind warfare... sometimes i wonder if i should have chosen psychology as my major.. mind trapping someone to squeeze out information without realizing it...

..option 5 din come into my mind.. anyway, meeting with boss tomorrow.. 

 ..hope i've chosen the correct path...


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