Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sunday, September 19, 2010
..basically, it's the activities for the weekend... study study study..
..not alone though.. studying at McD SS14, PJ with cyk.. McD from day time...

..till the sky darkens..

...2 months+ left.. still tons of studies, memorization and practices to do.. gonna WILL pass the exam this time..

..went to tropicana city for a movie that night....  
..but not in 3D.. 
kinda disappointing.. a few cuts.. halfway till the end of movie, the storyline is terrible..
..the effects..  some a bit fake..  but good for some "sudden-scare"... haha  

Ninja burger @Tropicana City. Only pork burgers available. 
..come in cute size.. with sauce all over the place.. 
Try it. You will know what i mean. 

@Tropicana City. Duno the store name.. it's located just beside the escalator..
..lots of delicious looking cakes and stuffs.. like in the pic..


Joseph Lim said...

pork burger ? now that's interesting. :)

Pek Chek Kia said...

你好像很喜歡 McD 耶 xD

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