Tuesday, July 14, 2009

start work on 16/07/2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
morning interview, gan jiong like hell... but luckily i keep my cool.. Ms xxx ask me bout hire purchase double entry, at first i got it wrong since i din noe about "h/p interest in suspense a/c". gotta check it up. then the rest i juz answered her question accordingly.. then...
i was like o_o omg!? then she look through my cert n results.. i duno if my uni results pull her view of me down or not =X i was told i will receive a call to confirm bout the employment..

later... during noon..
wait until 6.30pm, i was reli giving up.. who noes an hour later..
0_0 woot~ i was laughing all the way~ wahahahahaha~ thanks God.. reli GBM today~ wahahaha~ but i got 3 mths to confirm that i can work there.. need to improve myself n my performance in this 3 mths. >< GBM again XD


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