Thursday, July 2, 2009


Thursday, July 2, 2009
accenture, failed. lol.

went for interview at an audit firm today, failed oso. tat auntie... looked at my result.. then ask bout my expected salary... wad the hell... rm1300 for a degree graduate?!? hiring cheap labor ar?? pls lar... big city. living cost high. rm1300 reli cant live. like tat i rather went back hometown work. (impossible, lols) anyway, im expecting at least rm1600 for a degree, tats the normal pay for a fresh grad in accounting. it's true we are still freshie.. but rm1300.. =.= aiming at account assistant right now. it seems a/c assistant have much more prospect than audit assistant. i nvr thought getting into even a small firm is tat hard. swt~ God... help me =.=
sorry.. i still cant change my decision. mayb u're feeling alright now.. im not. im feeling uneasy. im faking everyday. i juz cant express myself. there's no better reason to explain myself.. im staying wif my decision.. sorry. reli hope u wont bother me anymore. n forget me.


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