Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Tuesday, July 1, 2008
1 thing that i nvr forget.. forex ~_~ i did lose quite a lot.. but i noe im gonna get it back.. i will stand even if i fall.. july huh? im looking forward to it, i cant depend on my luck forever..
my schedule getting packed also.. haih~
i got 47/50 for midterm RMP =.=v 1st time a quite high score in 3 yrs.. lol =.= HRM midterm coming up, i wonder if i can do the same... & 3 midterms for next week, zzzzz
i notice i have a lot to learn.. growing up isnt an easy thing, there's much thing to take care of.. but there's time i will need to take it slowly, and enjoy life... music is my best solution~

Guide me God..


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