Saturday, May 9, 2015

Journal (1) - New Zealand Working Holiday

Saturday, May 9, 2015
Scenery before sunrise at KiwiCorral.
Te Puke. Day 1
After long hours ride from Auckland to Te Puke using nakedbus, and a 6.8km walk (which takes almost 2hrs) we finally reach KiwiCorral. There's a saying, "high expectation leads to high disappointment". We are truly disappointed with the facilities here. The hostel have connections to the farm and factory nearby, so backpackers can easily find job, but that depends whether there's vacancy or not. However, everything here needs money. Some items are stated in its websites, such as renting of bed covers, blankets, kitchen utensils; but not ALL are stated. It's misleading. There are computers provided for guests, but u need to buy some credits to use the pc. There's no free wifi too. Bath, is 5mins per token. Yes, we use token for bath. And it's 1 token per day. For additional tokens, you need to pay NZD1 per token. And, u cant adjust the temperature. It will turn on automatically from cold water to hot water. Few secs wasted while waiting. Since this place is far from the town, it seems like the management is taking advantage of the guests, especially those without own transport. 
Still no job at the moment. Waiting for good news on job vacancy, waiting for IRD, and waiting for letter from bank. We still have not open our bank accounts. I've contacted a backpacker who wanted to sell his subaru. Might need to wait till monday or tuesday before I get it. Hopefully he decide early. Everything should be smooth after we get a car. Wanted to leave this hostel earlier and search for a room. 
Im looking around Tauranga area, through own phone and data. Worried that my quota will finished fast. 
Sucks. It seems lady luck isn't on my side after I reach NZ. The only lucky thing for us is that there's a friend working nearby. He bring us out to Te Puke town after his work hours, buying some groceries for us to last for few days while trapped at Kiwicorral. We are very much grateful. Thank you very much.
So much worries, so much changes, different from what I've read from people's blog. Or they just wrote about the good side during their working holiday. I'm gonna write both, keeping a daily journal, at least people will notice about the hardships here. 

Te Puke. Day 2.
Nothing to do. Walking around the hostel area. Weather is not too cold during daytime. Around 18℃. Wanted to go out, but there's no transport. Not really sure if hitch hike work at this time of the season. Been trying to do that on the way here, but no one stopped by.
At night, a backpacker from china moved in. Seem like he's staying in tent outside of the hostel. Too cold at night, so he moved in. He's been hitch hiking whenever he wanted to go out. Dafuq. Is our luck that bad?

Hopefully there's good news tomorrow. We need a job badly. And hopefully that guy will sell his car to me immediately. Argh. There are things needed to be done but now we can only wait. Tomorrow will be another waiting day. 

Te Puke. Day 3
Thanks God. My prayers answered. Had confirmed with the car seller, we can get the car tomorrow. The seller, Gregor, actually drove to Kiwicorral to meet us. After confirmed the car in good condition, we agree to buy over the car (Subaru Legacy) for NZD1,450. All documentation to be done tomorrow morning.
At night, our friend actually found us a job. Extremely glad about it. We are doing night shift, kiwi fruit packaging. And we are starting right away!! Oh my, need to readjust my time again. Wont be sleeping today. 24hrs staying up. Cant remember when's the last time I've done that. Thanks God once again!! 

Te Puke. Day 4
Feeling tired. Actually feeling numb. Cant feel anything now. I know my body need rest and proper food. Anyway, gonna sleep 1st. Car documentation had been done. Now the car is ours at last. Our next plan, we need to look for a better place to stay with a cheaper rent. Need to settle our bank accounts too as soon as possible. Good thing that we are doing night shift. We can go to the bank during the day. 
Hopefully our current job can last for more than a month. At least we have income to cover our expenses, and future expenses as well. heheheh..

Te Puke. Day 5
Slept immediately after work. Too tired. 

Was moved to another room later, no reason given. Mayb too less ppl in the room im staying. Met some new guys from Malaysia.

Te Puke. Day 6

Just realised its almost a week staying in kiwicorral. Need to find a place to stay immediately. Only 1 day left. Mayb do it later. Gonna sleep 1st...

Te Puke. Day 7
We found a room at Te Puke town. Around 10mins drive to our working place. 93 Boucher Avenue. Homestay. Quite a nice place. Include power and wifi. Finally, FREE WIFI!!! Only NZD95 per week. A bit cheaper than current place. Moving in tomorrow morning. Gonna open bank account too at ANZ Bank. Now waiting only for IRD number. 

Now can do some planning for future.

Te Puke. Day 8 im confused with day and night. Lemme jot down the date. Day 8 - 8/5/15 Friday. 
Had moved to new place and done with bank accounts. Left IRD number now. 
A 3hrs sleep,then went to work again. Rest day tomorrow. -
Gonna go blue spring. 

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Thursday, May 7, 2015
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