Saturday, January 22, 2011


Saturday, January 22, 2011
..some pics that i forgot to upload & some recently taken pics..

poor teddy..
 ..seems like some car owners are hanging weird stuffs below their cars nowadays.. 
i even seen a lorry with dice plushie below it.. 

..cute spectacle casing.. it's sold in berjaya time square if i'm not mistaken.. 

..swimming pool scenery.. a clue on where i'm staying at the moment.. 

 Mantra Cafe @ Sunway. The tabs on the company. It's a welcome lunch for new employees.. ..having lunch with managers and directors.. wow.. STRESS.
..have to take care of table manners.. but it seems like the managers are eating like normal.. even my own direct manager are eating his lunch like... finishing it in 5 mins... damn crazily fast..
. pictures on the dishes.. as i said.. need to take care of my manners... 

@office enjoying my cup of milo in the pantry room..
...seen the cup before? another clue to where i work..

 ..blending machine.. er no.. drinks machine? ..err.. forgot the appropriate term...

 @office pantry..

..chinese new year gift by the director to ALL employees~ 
..i wonder how much  he spend on it...
..nah~ don't care. i bet his salary is more than that


四月 said...

I saw few cars hanging soft toy like that too.

Ronikenz said...

LOL OMG you're so lucky to take that picture! :D

riyyl | Choco-Late © said...

why o.0? is tat ur car? XD

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