Saturday, December 4, 2010

moving to new place...

Saturday, December 4, 2010
Wed, 1/12
...start to move my stuffs. packing stuffs whole morning.. till noon, start to carry to new room.. just only the 1st round.. it started to rain. kns. stuck at old place.. nth to do so restore this blog..

Thurs, 2/12
...i somehow knew it's gonna rain again in the evening.. increase my pace.. moved everything, and my baby pc being the last.. as expected.. it rained.

Fri, 3/12
Found out my new place dun have internet connection. mental break down. kinda exaggerating, but i reli cant live without internet. most of my stuffs i did it online. i went into total depression.. but somehow i found my way out of it. i duno if luck is on my side, this thing come out a few weeks ago....
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...kinda relieve lol. im not gonna apply for streamyx or other package.. since i last heard there's contract to how long u're binded to.. but prepaid should be suitable enuf. Pay as you use. i finally have connection to the world..

..lots of stuffs to do after moved. used up a lot of cash too. ...and a series of bad luck seems to be cast upon me this morning. i went back to old place to collect my bike, found out tat the front tyre got jammed. brake faulty. walk to a nearby shop and ask for repair services. repair done, drove to oil station, pump gas to tyre, and again, this time, the back tyre. cant add gas to it. the hell... pushed my bike all the way to the same shop. 
..hope tat lady luck will be coming to me soon... after every bad things will be followed by good things, right?

p/s: some pics still waiting to be uploaded. 


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