Thursday, October 21, 2010


Thursday, October 21, 2010
Location: Sunway Mas Commercial Center
Shop: My Kitchen Restaurant

Pineapple drinks 

 Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball + Chicken Meat
(i thought i can only find this type of dishes in Malacca..)


..about the soup.. some weird stuff happen actually.. we each ordered a separate side dish which is also soup (not the one in the pic above..).. when the side dish is being served.. the waiter later took away the soup (in the pic above).. it's suppose to be served together with the chicken rice right? RIGHT!? that the shop policy or the waiter is just being too blur? 

..we are left speechless.. it's just too wierd..  

..anyway, the dishes is quite nice.

Sushi King Bonanza...

.... it's a T E R R I B L E experience  ..for almost an hour of queueing, we finally got in.. and found out that there's almost nothing on the belt.. and those sushi that comes out.. it's the same type... no salmon seen.. all cheap stuffs.. salad, unagi, prawns, tofu... fish eggs comes out only once..
....for the next bonanza.. gonna consider a second time before going..

 "Cheap stuff no good, good stuff not cheap"

i wonder if this saying can be applied here.. 


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