Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Thursday, May 13, 2010
Today's lunch: Chee Cheong Fun.
Location: Damansara Uptown
Ratings: Come and try yourself. 

...back to topic.
So.. accounting or auditing?
Was having lunch... when my collegues start sharing some of their thoughts & experiences..
most auditors would wan to change to accounting.. while some accountant would want to change to auditing.. why?
Auditing:- mostly doing OTs until late at night. But not for accounting. And auditors would have a hard time changing to accounting line.. might due to their nature of work. hmm.. how should i put this.. basically, accounting.. it's like doing from scraps all the way till the financial statements.. for auditing.. it's a reverse way of accounting, (i don't know, i never been in auditing line before.. all this from my collegues), tracing from the financial statements all the way to the source.. for accounting, you are going into details of every items, auditing just select some samples and trace back to the source. so mostly, employers might prefer those from accounting line that change to auditing.. and not the other way round. It's just an opinion though. the sharing moves on.. i don't know when.. and how... the topic change to palm reading and fortune telling..

i think.. i might continue to work in accounting line.. i can see a much brighter future.. but who knows what that future is..
(p/s: of course i'm not making my decision just based on this opinion)


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