Saturday, April 3, 2010

...waiting for an answer...

Saturday, April 3, 2010
..went for interview on 1/4/2010. was thinking of changing to audit line.. hmm
was really really nervous before the interview. receive a call at the evening, saying that i will need to go for an interview. i was like.. omg? i havnt even prepared yet. juz sent in my resume the day before. and i was still in the office, and worst of all, my boss is in front of me, flipping through the files. Lucky enough, she wasn't listening to my conversation.. haha.
reach the location that day... 1 hour earlier than the appointment time. It took me exactly 1 hour to reach there.. after searching high n low for it ..
anyways, i took my time exploring the area, not much to see though.. feel like not really a busy place. got bored 30mins after that.. so decided to went in earlier.
Really sucks.. i rang the door bell, after a short conversation, then was invited to go in. i pull the iron door..
*pull..* huh?
*pull again..*  huh??
*push~ *
it wont open? den heard the voice on the intercom.. "please pull the door.."
took 1 hour to finish the whole interview.. 15mins filling up the form, 15mins waiting.. (doing a lot of stupid things. too bored), last 30mins for the interview.
My comments:
i) my speech sux.
ii) The whole interview was relaxing.
iii) Not sure im gonna get the position or not. I hope i will.
It will be 2 weeks left for me to stay in the current employment if i'm hired. Gonna start a new experience, tougher job and will need a better time planning.

HUAT AR~!! let me strike jackpot~ 


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