Wednesday, October 28, 2009

~little free space~

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
....finally, a little free space for my own ranting..

wad the hell.. i notice her goin around adding my frens she didnt even noe. wad the heck is she tryin to do!!?? tryin let other notice she's close wif me!?? or findin help from my own frens to make me change my decision? !@#$ % gnd. i still cant forget he din even tell me n cheat me for my address (dun noe if 'cheat' is the correct word to use), talk about my OWN FREN. i dun wan my whole frens being influence by her thinkin tat im the bad 1. pls.. dun use tis kind of method.. it oni end up being me uneasy to face them... now i edy feel some hate towards the 2 of them even though i dun wan to... not reli hate.. juz tat i dun feel like seeing them.

im not backing up wif wad i decide. i edy cut off all my emotions. no more turning back, i dun care wad happen. pls giv up...


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