Saturday, November 15, 2008


Saturday, November 15, 2008
suprisingly.. i found myself nth to do during the weekends.. should b playing cabal or COD4 the whole day.. but im getting bored with it.

13/11, out the whole day distributing questionnaire. im reli useless, not socialable type. Not even dare to open my mouth to speak zzz. I still need my groupmate to speak while trying to encourage those ppl to fill in the questionnaire. still much thing for me to learn. Born in the year of tiger, still a coward. dammit. i sux. As she spoke, i learn a bit from her. Introducing, persuading, speaking~ Thank you very much. The next round im gonna gather all my guts n speak. i dun wanna run away again.

14/11, a dad of my classmate pass away. 1am++ on 13th. visited her. she nvr show any emotions before, but i can feel she's reli sad deep inside her heart. but 1 thing i noe, she's strong. She's reli a strong type. Something that i can learn from her too.

15/11,12am. bring my ethic textbook into room. wanna study, but sleep halfway.. i remember i din even read even half a page.. n left the light on until 5am..


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